Tuesday, July 1, 2014

An Introduction

I'm a believer of introductions because they give context.  Context allows for a better understanding. A better understand leads to enjoyment.

And not many people read blogs if they're not enjoying them.

This is a dual author blog as two individuals (for now, referred to as S and A.  I'm A, and I'm not sure if S wants her name on the web or not, so she'll stay S until further notice).  We have recently decided that they will ride Ring Road in Iceland over the Summer of 2016.  The purpose of this blog is to catalog any resources we may use and information we have for other individuals also endeavoring to ride Ring Road.

As we write more, you'll probably gain a greater sense of who we are as individuals.  Both of us have unique voices and writing styles and ways of approaching a topic.  These will, undoubtedly, shine through as this blog develops.

But, until that time, happy riding!